17 Oct 2013


This contextual report explores our appreciation towards ‘work’ as consumers, users or alike. Investigations have involved looking at the way in which work is received or accepted, particularly the attitude towards it and the attention given. Key questions revolve around what we appreciate and why; what is it about quality that we appreciate, assuming that we do in fact appreciate it at all? This then leads to the effects of varied approaches to intaking the work, whether levels of appreciation can directly correlate with our emotions and if our enjoyment or fulfilment can be optimised through work (effort) of our own. In turn, what can the designer or maker do further to dictate how the work is perceived in the first place, to trigger better attention by the recipient? Such arguments have been specifically explored through print media in particular, as this industry has shown fascinating movement in recent years, which illustrates a good example of a shift in focus for higher care and appreciation from both parties (publisher and reader). This report itself also an attempt at encouraging you, the reader, to dedicate time with it and to make effort to experience its qualities – not only for my work as the designer to be fully recognised, but also for you to enjoy it better because of it. It concludes with the belief that there are benefits for everyone with an increase, whether small or large, in treatment manner.

Written post-Alex's-talk on what abstracts should look like. My feeling is still that I'm happy with what an abstract should do and how it should be structured, but given that the content is still uncertain, I feel stuck on what to write, not how. My topic still seems very broad. I don't want to fall behind. 

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