15 Oct 2013


The following task for the workshop required us to use our selected materials to make words, but maintaining its primary function for which it is intended for. Or something like that? The explanation sounded awfully 'wishy washy' and I'm not sure I quite 'got' it but I gave it a go. With tracing paper my choice, I wanted to create the word "trace". However, by definition, tracing paper needs to remain as unhindered as possible to retain its transparency that allows the tracing to happen. So my challenge was to manipulate the material in a way that didn't tamper with its physicality, or by as little as possible. I didn't find that easy, but I did decide to use folding techniques to create shapes for letters so that it could still be unfolded to again be a blank sheet for tracing with. Not sure it fulfils the brief but in some ways I have at least overcome what I saw as an initial problem to have an outcome at all.

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