15 Oct 2013


So it occurred to me whilst tracing that handwriting is rather interesting. I write this with no research undertaken, but there are a lot of traits that make up our handwriting. Different qualities and tendencies constitute how our hands move and how this in turn reflects in our writing, naturally. What is it about each of our handwriting that makes it unique? Sure there can be similarities between people, and indeed dissimilarities between one's own writing, but I'm sure there are fundamental characteristics that make up our own handwriting fingerprint, if you like – just like a typeface does. It's fascinating to me how letters of completely unique shapes to each other (A to Z) can be designed to be recognisable as a font family, whereby all characters so successfully 'fit' with each other. How?

Tracing over somebody else's writing is a simple way of replicating, but aside from the tracing paper itself, what distinguishes it from the replica from the original, if anything?

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