6 Nov 2013


Having decided to adopt the idea of producing a publication tailored for people who love what they do, I wanted to quickly visualise something tangible and achievable. The title of ENJOY developed into INJOY to emphasise the rich state of happiness that passion can provide, being in a world of joy. It's a working title but I quite like it at the minute, ticking all requirements for the vision of my potential product, with an easily adoptable aesthetic, directly encapsulates the rationale and the optimum degree of wordplay. It's usually not very good to be so positive of my own work, I am aware, so let's not get too carried away.

I want INJOY Journal to showcase the joy and reward for people from engaging with their interests, to explore the methodology and reasons behind the interests and to present the existence of one common emotion shared and experienced in all walks of life and all forms of activity. The aim is to advertise the benefits of more positive, proactive, attentive attitudes toward what we seemingly 'love to do', and to portray a perhaps romantic allure for better enjoyment for everyone concerned. From professionals who love their jobs to enthusiasts who live and breathe their hobbies, members of fan clubs and appreciation societies, subject experts and critics, the opportunity for contribution is rather broad. And that should be good for me as a researcher and good for the readership as variety.

Still brewing, but I feel like I'm onto something. For the time being, I reckon I can accumulate some small, individual case studies of research and explore the gathering of information, with Design Research material possibly becoming quite important. Below is an example for a shop owner who runs a local delicatessen.

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