4 Oct 2013


The two main draws of design discipline for me have been print and video. As different as they may be in form, these are my two equally strong avenues for my enthusiasm and fascination; my interaction with each of the media formats have been pretty constant and from a young age too. We've all grown up with printed matter surrounding us throughout all stages of life, from colouring-in books and the Mr Men series, studying with GCSE textbooks and revision guides, to of course reading newspapers and magazines each day. And as for video, if daily television isn't enough to justify familiarity, how about movies, home video footage or YouTube. With such overwhelming exposure to each of them, I suppose it makes sense that I've picked up interest in them.

I particularly like the element of storytelling in both of them, and the role of the designer to choose what story and how it is told. The spread layout of the magazine, the selection of imagery and style of writing are key components in determining the impression and even message left for the reader. In a similar way, video footage can be cut and sequenced differently to tell entirely contrasting stories, where again the power of the editor has huge effect on the viewer. One might call that manipulation, but whatever the terminology, it's pretty cool. Maybe it's this power, control and responsibility that I am attracted to, I'm not yet sure.

So my feeling right now is that I would be rather happy if I could spend my time exploring this.

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