28 Oct 2013


A couple of days to refresh my mind after Monday's tutorial, spending full days out on the pitch with my boys (and girl) for Half Term.

I went into the tutorial with an idea fresh in mind from a bath one night (actually). The idea was as simple as: a magazine dedicated to people who love what they do. For me it makes total sense. My area of exploration thus far has involved the consumer's approach of how they (we) enjoy and how that interest is expressed, as well as how much interest is held – the act of enjoying and appreciating. So to create a document of real people showing real love what they do seems very fitting for my research and for my broader interests too. I saw a clear direction of how the publication would come together, imagining its features, content material, presentation and style.

I conveyed this to a good reaction, certainly as a starting point if not to be something more complete for my project. Key points raised by Laura were to question (and obviously answer) who/what/how my investigation should be conducted. And it's a valid thought to ponder, with it surely insufficient to merely do interviews and have a typical journalistic approach. I must remember my role as Designer throughout.

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