26 Oct 2013


A good workshop under our belt today, setting us up for Legwork over the coming fortnight. Revisiting my initial exploration of music, I wanted to find out how people enjoy it. My hypothesis is that it's often (if not always) a secondary priority, whereby it is an activity conducted whilst doing something else. Which is a shame quite frankly, but I'd like to see if my assumption is correct.

The A5 'survey' that I have devised asks participants to take just 4 photographs, one for each caption which I have provided, with the aim to see how music happens for different people. The captions are as follows:

1. Here I am doing an activity I always do with music on.
2. Here I am only listening to music.
3. This is where music takes me (emotive state, scenery, location, etc.)
4. This represents 'music' to me.

My guess for a reasonably common response is the Caption 1 to be studying, ironing or something like that and Caption 3 to be a particular place or view. Captions 2 and 4, I imagine, are more difficult to respond to and it will be particularly interesting to see what participants choose. Also, given that this research tool can be conducted with anybody who listens to music at all, the various types of participant will also be interesting to explore.

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