3 Oct 2013


This is a talk given by Kate Moross at Here 2013 for It's Nice That back in June this year.

Stay motivated, stop asking others for what is readily available for you to do yourself, and bullshit improvise your way to success. These are essentially the take-home messages from her 30 minute lecture, and it's very hard to disagree. I've spent the first two years of my degree trying to get to grips with the concept of design and I am convinced that the best way to learn is to do, that experience trumps everything else. It's been the case for my own work so far, not bringing much technical ability with me at the start of the programme but I can confidently say I've picked up certain skills and that's thanks to experimenting and doing (you and I both know Goldsmiths don't directly teach much in the way of technical nous).

With today's internet culture, thanks to Google, YouTube tutorials and all, anyone can pretty much start to learn anything. The only barrier is whether you want to or not, right? It certainly did me well over my placement last term. "You have everything in front of you to find the answer, don't be so lazy." Kate also touches upon the notion of 'hacking', a topic I looked into extensively as part of Year 2. I'll look into the archives for that again later.

Oh and Limewire... what a throwback that is.

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