7 Oct 2013


We gave our first presentations today on our interests and possible avenues of exploration and direction. Rather than expressing my joy for print and video, I chose instead to talk about joy itself and we tend not to appreciate as much as we could. Allow me to expand.

I wrote in Entry 2 about the idea of a 'Listening Club', whereby we enjoy music for music and give it our full attention to give ourselves a fair opportunity to listen to it and understand it, and to subsequently form a valid opinion of it. I have a hypothesis to say that by doing this, we can reach higher levels of enjoyment and indeed appreciation. Appreciate in order to appreciate, you could say. So anyway, I spoke for 2 minutes questioning the reasons behind our apparent lack of fair treatment towards music (or indeed anything else, really) and the possible incentives behind choosing to do so, choosing to give more time and effort into enjoying it.

The feedback wasn't negative – that's always reassuring. There's definitely a suggestion of this 'appreciation' that I talk about holding a more critical eye towards the subject, which of course raises further questions of whether we're all critics (or whether we all have the right to be) and whether we need to concern ourselves with it. For many, such subjects are a mere form of entertainment or pastime (in its most derogatory sense) that don't necessitate our valuable time, saved only for 'experts'. Perhaps it's something of a niche, like how actual existing appreciation societies tend to be. Relatively small collectives of people who converse about pretty much anything to relatively unique depths and enthusiasm. Reading Clubs may just be the commonest example of all. That's certainly a research area to delve into.

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