1 Oct 2013


I already have a Blog, running since April 2012 (the link for which is up top). There I write about music, design, sport and whatever else consumes my day to day. It's broken down into three entry types of Blog, Magazine and Diary which you may or may not want to explore. It was initially set up to aid my design practice, but it's fair to say that it has become more flexible, simply in-keeping with my life at the time – though it's not all unrelated. I'll still use and reference it as a tool for my upcoming work, but this new Blog will be specifically tailored to the needs of my studies for Year 3. We'll distinguish the two by their slight but significant visual difference, Black (my personal Blog) and Gold (this one, Gold for Goldsmiths of course).

So, Black to get to know me, Gold to support my work.

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